Health and Wellness Podcasts

Research shows that 50% of employers prefer to hear about wellness products from their broker. And once they are aware of their wellness benefits, they are 23% more satisfied with their health plan.1

That's why we developed the Broker Health and Wellness Podcast series. Designed to fit into your busy schedule, you can learn the basics about one of our many health and wellness programs in just 5-10 minutes. Learn about metrics, engagement strategies, and program touch points so you can speak to clients about these valuable programs, many which are included in our health benefits.2

1. When you can speak to the health and wellness offerings, you help deliver on increased productivity and lower costs for your clients.

2. Program availability varies by state, plan and funding type. See a health plan representative for additional information

Sources: Employer Health and Wellness Research report, May 2014 and CVP Consumer Brand Perceptions Study Q1 2013 - Q2 2014.